August 30, 2012: 365 Photos of a Day Artist Statement
On August 30, 2012 in Glen Margaret, Nova Scotia I finished my morning writing with the words ‘A photo day. Everything is illuminated.’ And then I began to take pictures. 
 As the morning progressed I noticed how everything, absolutely everything - the weeds, my bathing suit and the washing machine - was fascinating and beautiful.  One moment led to the next, as they do, and I felt like taking pictures of all of it. This exhibition is a portrait of that one day, presented in 365 images.
 The photographs are displayed as a narrative in a linear format around the perimeter of the gallery, and also in books highlighting themes that reoccur in my work. Because the exhibition is at Peggy’s Cove, an iconic tourist site where many of the photos were taken, 60 of the photographs have been printed as postcards and can be purchased, written and postmarked in the Cove, and then sent out into the world. Some of the images are presented in a digital online format where viewers are welcome to publically post their comments as well as their own photos.   
 I decided to show 365 photos - a number associated with days in a year- to express the spaciousness of this day and to highlight that time is relative, depending on our consciousness.  The writings of Philo, the Hellenistic philosopher, help me to make sense of this ordinary, yet extraordinary day: “Today means boundless and inexhaustible eternity.  Months and years and all periods of time are concepts of men, who gauge everything by number; but the true name of eternity is Today”.