Green Artist Statement

 This collection of work made over the last twelve years is inspired by the colour green in Nova Scotia. It was made from the perspective of someone who doesn’t live here any more.  Some of the photographs are imbued with the memory of living in Brooklyn, NY and making the pilgrimage home to NS in the spring.  I’d stick my camera out the window and document the remarkable contrast between the cement grey band of the city and the electric green blur of the new growth as we sped along the Trans-Canada.  The idea for the sculptures began with the experience of stumbling across my neighbour’s early blossoming quince bush after a particularly long Nova Scotia winter.  
Colors have cultural meanings that reinforce recurring themes in my work; green is a metaphor for growth literally meaning, “go”.  I use color and scale to evoke a physical and emotional experience and invite the viewer to inhabit my visual and sensory landscape.  This diverse body of work – photographs, drawings and sculptures – articulates my interest in place, and the varied modes of perception we employ to ascertain our environment.